Himalayan Rocket Stoves Protect the Clean Air of the Himalayas

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Himalayan Rocket Stoves are used for Heating, Cooking & Hot Water

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Himalayn Rocket Stoves are now being used in homes in the Himalayas

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Himalayan Rocket Stoves are low enough to be used from a seated position on the floor

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With the Himalayan Rocket Stove, Heavy Loads Will Be Reduced

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Imagine if it were possible to make a small change in the way that wood is converted to heat energy so that 1 million trees could be saved from being cut over the next 10 years.

Imagine if all it took was a simple redesign of the humble wood fuel stove, so that instead of being 15% efficient, it became 85%+ efficient.

Imagine if this simple redesign already existed and is being used in many parts of the world… but nobody thought to take it to a region that desperately needs it.

The Himalayan Rocket Stove Project

A Social Enterprise Putting

People, Planet & Profit on the bottom line.

In the interests of providing access to clean and efficient stoves to those who most need them, we also support
he Smokeless Cookstove Revolution
Read more about this not-for-profit project here

The Himalayan Rocket Stove Project has developed a highly efficient wood burning stove tailored to the Himalayan context and which is now in production and ready for distribution throughout northern India.

These stoves address three key issues facing the people and environment of the Himalayas, namely deforestation, women’s health and air pollution.


Efficiency Rating of Stove


Amount of Wood Saved

Number of Loads Reduced Each Year

Media & Links

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Smokeless Cookstove Revolution

“Cookfire Smoke Kills… mostly women and children.”

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The Tribune India

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“Himalayan Rocket Stove: More fire, less wood and saving a million trees”

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“A Social Entrepreneur Making Life in Himalayas Smokeless Again”

Benefits of the Himalayan Rocket Stove

  • Great reduced wood fuel load…
  • Saves 1 Mature Tree for every Stove in Use
  • Saves 100 Back Breaking Loads down the mountains
  • Saves 3500kg of CO2 from being released to the atmosphere

We’re working to make these stoves available to the 10 million homes & 50 million people of the Himalayas.

What is a Himalayan Rocket Stove

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The Smokeless Cookstove Revolution is coming!

This is started as a side project of the Himalayan Rocket Stove project, but has become an incredibly important one. In the process of prototyping the internal design for our stoves in the Himalayas, we came up with a cheap, easy and very practical way to make smokeless cookstoves from clay. This is an adaptation of various ideas that already exist, but with some key features we’ve not seen implemented by anyone else.

There are more than 4 million people (mostly women and children) who die from various illnesses related to Household Air Pollution, this project is directly aimed at reducing this number.

Please read about this project and share with your networks, supporting it if you are able to.  


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