Benefits of the Himalayan Rocket Stove

Saves Trees

Each Himalayan Rocket Stove in use will save around 1 mature from being felled each and every year, or the equivalent which is 2000kg of wood.

Saves Backs

Each Stove saving 2000kg of wood means 100 heavy loads of 20kg each that don’t have to be carried on someone’s back.

Saves Time

Each load of 20kg easily takes more than 2 hours to source, saving 100 loads is saving more than 200 hours of labour each year.

Saves Money

If not being sourced personally, then the wood is being purchased, often illegally from black market sellers who are secretly felling trees for sale.

Save Trees and Wood

Each stove saves trees from being felled, keeping them in the forest doing what trees do best. There are countless benefits of reducing deforestation.

Heating Water

Heating water is a crucial aspect of healthy living and only some people have luxury of hot water on tap. Most are burning additional wood to create hot water outside through the day, which is very difficult to do in the winter months.

Clean Air

By using these stoves, pollution is reduced by a massive 99%. There are almost no emissions from these stoves as they burn so hot as to be totally free of polluting smoke and CO2 emissions.

Health Impact

Women and children do most of the hard work of sourcing and carrying wood for the family home. This has long term impacts on the health of these people, which is reduced significantly and directly by reducing the wood requirements.

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