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Manager – Smokeless Cookstove Revolution​
Nitisha has studied Sustainable Development and Solutions from Columbia University​, Earth Institute​ and thirsts for working towards conservation and protecting the environment. Based in Mumbai, she has her bags packed all the time and while on assignments for Himalayan Rocket Stove and Smokeless Cookstove Revolution. She loves taking pictures and writing about her experiences to spread the team’s work.


Lead Trainer – Smokeless Cookstove Revolution
Tanzin has been working with Russell since the very beginning and was involved in the early stage prototyping and development of the Himalayan Rocket Stove project that lead to the Smokeless Cookstove Revolution. As a result, he has first hand experiential knowledge of all aspects of both projects and is an indispensable part of the team.


Trainer – Smokeless Cookstove Revolution
Kush has been actively involved in sharing the Smokeless Chulha work while on tour in Rajasthan, and is looking to integrate the work into his own business Rural Odyssey which takes people on experiential programs to rural India.


Trainer – Smokeless Cookstove Revolution
Neerav was born and raised in Rajasthan, India, and is passionate about wildlife (especially reptiles), conservation and ecology. He has previously managed a residential volunteer program for Indian and international visitors at the Madras Crocodile Bank and Center for Herpetology, and assisted with zoo management, research, and documentary filmmaking. Neerav is keen to help spread the Smokeless Chulah concept throughout India to help curb the indoor pollution in the rural villages of India especially Rajasthan and Ladakh!


Trainer – Smokeless Cookstove Revolution
Arjun is an occasional trainer who is also a skilled photographer and sometimes focuses on capturing the images for the workshop team and the follow up reports we always put out for each workshop.


Trainer – Smokeless Cookstove Revolution
Chozang was one of the first to build a working rocket stove in Ladakh and has a deep understanding of ecological issues and the impact of social programs. He is one of our Himalayan trainers who has great people skills and is wonderful with all kinds of groups.



Muddy Potter
Russell has developed the Himalayan Rocket Stove project as a result of many years traveling in the Himalayas noticing deforestation and various climate related changes. He also came up with the (not so!) secret recipe for the Smokeless Chulha which is being rolled out as a not-for-profit training program. Based in Australia and working in India, he juggles his life and work between the 2 countries, so email or Whatsapp is usually the best way to reach him.


Finance Officer
Chetana has a long connection with India and the Himalayas. She’s been part of the rocket stove journey from the very beginning and has overseen the development of the project from the early days of prototyping in Australia. She brings her valuable experience of project management and funding to the core team and assists in keeping the ship stable and afloat.

Solving Problems

Working on solving issues around deforestation, pollution, indoor smoke, heating fuel costs, black carbon and more.

Innovative Ideas

Bringing together innovative ideas with the problems that need solving is the core of what we do. Not all ideas are new, but often just need to be applied to the right situation.

Appropriate Technology

High tech is good for some situations, but often a low tech solution is best when it comes to scaling up innovation to meet massive demand.

Clear Communication

Stay up to date with us via the blog page and our social media channels. We aim to keep a clear line of communication between all stakeholders and interested parties.

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