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A collection of updates, news and related information about the Himalayan Rocket Stove project

HRS Update April 2019

Team Meeting (March 2019) Almost as soon as I arrived back to India mid March we held our first (of many) annual team meetings with the core team in attendance in Baddi. It was a great opportunity to recap on the year past, and to plan for the year ahead. The essence...

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HRS Update Jan 2019

So… with our sales data in for the last few months we are able to compare the actual sales on the ground with last season and get a sense of the growth. It doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s an empirical bit of data that tells us something. So far we have sold...

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Smokeless Cookstove Revolution Kits

Smokeless Cookstove Revolution Kits Early version of the SCR Kit In order to help scale the amazing work being done by the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation (SCF) out to more regions, Himalayan Rocket Stove (HRS) is currently working together with the Foundation to make...

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HRS Update Nov 2018

Update Himalayan Rocket Stove Update Nov 2018 As I fly back from India to Australia, I have a few moments to reflect on the journey so far with HRS. It’s been an intense 2 years since the prototyping came to the Himalayas in 2016, with more than a few obstacles along...

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What is the Himalayan Rocket Stove?

What is the Himalayan Rocket Stove? Clean efficient biomass combustion for Himalayan households (and beyond) What's in a name? At Himalayan Rocket Stove, we use design that is known around the world as a "rocket stove". There are both metallic and non-metallic...

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For those who like numbers...   The Eco1 Rocket Stove we make has approx 1630 MJ of energy embedded (embodied) in the steel. Add a bit for the manufacturing and transportation we can round that up to about 1800MJ.   The expected lifespan is around 10 years, so we can...

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From Flying Bullets to Himalayan Rockets

From Flying 'Bullets' to Himalayan Rockets A story of how two landslides lead to an ecological heater for the Himalayas and beyond It seems like the journey of a lifetime, this rocket stove thing. Various threads from over 25 years of travel in India and the Himalayas...

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HRS Update Jan 2018

So… here we are in the middle of the Himalayan winter and it’s time for an update. After 4 months of intensive on the ground work last year (mid-June through to mid-October) Chetana and I came back to Australia quite exhausted, but feeling we had done everything we...

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HRS Update October 2017

Himalayan Rocket Stove Update October 2017 Wow... what an amazing challenge! Setting up a manufacturing business in India is one of the hardest things I've ever tried to do! I’ve been so busy haven’t managed to get out the usual monthly updates. Chetana and I have...

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HRS Update – Bhutan Visit June 2017

The Bhutan Update I realised after sending out the last update (HRS Update - July 2017) I completely forgot to mention our visit to Bhutan. Back in May a new good friend of ours, Kezang (from Bhutan) sent me a message asking if I was interested to come to Bhutan with...

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HRS Update July 2017

Himalayan Rocket Stove Update July 2017 It has been an interesting, intense and exciting journey so far. I say that almost every time I sit down to write an update, but it seems especially so now, just as we are about to launch into production for the new batch box...

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From dreading the chulha to loving it!

From dreading the chulha to loving it! By Kush Sharma Co-Founder, Rural Odyssey A guest post for the Smokeless Cookstove Revolution   Although I have stayed away from the Chulha for the most of my life, I still somehow feel connected to the concept – previously...

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April Update HRS and SCR

Project Update Himalayan Rocket Stove & Smokeless Cookstove Revolution Since the last update I've been back to India for another round of moving the projects forward. In a snapshot, this is what's been happening: Himalayan Rocket Stove For the first 2 weeks I was...

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Advanced Design Testing in Manali

Something about these pictures sum up what I've been doing for the last 2 years of my life. Finally I am getting to see these stoves being used in family homes in the Himalayas. And the response from the kids is exactly what it should be...   'Yeah, whatever. Warm is...

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Seeing from within at Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

When we see, and hear from outside and then when we really understand what it all means from within! Longish, title…but this is actually what I felt at the end of the Kanha’s Smokeless Chulah workshop. I have been to Kanha several times, but never peeped into the...

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