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A collection of updates, news and related information about the Himalayan Rocket Stove project

HRS update Feb 2017 – Short

Wow… Feb was an amazing month for the Himalayan Rocket Stove project and the Smokeless Cookstove Revolution. So much has happened and is happening, so I’ll keep it to the point with the highlights below: Note… if you want to read the longer and more personal update…...

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HRS Update Feb 2017 – long version

Wow... Feb was an amazing month for the Himalayan Rocket Stove project and the Smokeless Cookstove Revolution. This is the longish version of some of the highlights. If you want to read the short sharp and snappy version... click here Early Feb I flew back to India to...

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HRS Update Jan 2017

Project Update Overview: There are 2 distinct projects emerging from the development of rocket stove technology in India. The social enterprise Himalayan Rocket Stove is progressing as planned and indications for it to scale into a successful venture are looking very...

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HRS Update – Nov 2016 #2

Another epic month for the Himalayan Rocket Stove project in India. I'll summarise the details in point form to keep things short and sweet. 1. Chetana and I moved down to Chandigarh around the 6th Nov, leaving the Ladakh production team in Tanzin’s capable hands. He...

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Free Smokeless Cookstove Revolution

The Free Smokeless Cookstove Revolution! As a result of researching, testing and prototyping for the Himalayan Rocket Stove project over the last 3 years, I've stumbled across an effective way to make smokeless cook-stoves. This was not deliberate as my focus was on...

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HRS Update November 2016

Wow... October was a big month for the project. The production side was a bit slow in some ways, but in terms of overall progress, I'm really please with what we're achieving here. I'll itemise some of the highlights: I held a one week workshop for locals to share the...

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HRS Update – Oct 2016

Himalayan Rocket Stove (HRS) Project Update - October 2016 September has been an incredibly productive month for the project, with a lot of progress on multiple fronts. I’ll step through the various aspects in bullet point: Having decided to change the plan for...

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Burning Plastic In Rocket Stoves – Update

Burning Plastic in the Himalayas - A consideration of the options Initially when I think about burning plastic… I think of stinky black toxic smoke belching out polluting the otherwise pristine air of the Himalayas. It’s is not the image I want to have when thinking...

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Clay Burn Tubes in Rocket Stoves

Since clay is a readily available resource in Ladakh, and perlite is not, I've been exploring ways to make cost effective burn tubes using local clay mixed with various other local ingredients to make stable, long lasting insulative burn tubes. Testing at the workshop...

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Traditional Stoves (Thap)

Traditional clay stoves are a work of art, a centerpiece to a home and a feature in many old Ladakhi houses. Unfortunately they are now rarely found and even more rarely used. There is a thought experiment being conducted by Sonam Wangchuk to explore the option of...

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Burning Plastic in a Rocket Stove

I have lately been exploring the possibility of designing a rocket stove to burn plastic safely. This is potentially one of the most exciting new projects on the drawing board. I’ve been researching the temperature requirements of plastic combustion, and am currently...

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Barrel Rocket Stoves

I've recently had the opportunity to experiment with an alternative rocket stove concept using local clay and an old metal barrel. Local clay of high quality is also widely available for negligible cost. I found that it is quite easy to make a barrel rocket stove...

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HRS Update Sept 2016

Himalayan Rocket Stove Update – September 2016 Ok… so lots has happened since arriving in India and settling into Leh after the Heartsongs in the Himalayas retreat which kept me busy through most of August. HRS in Ladakh I’ve had quite a few meetings with various...

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What we need to proceed The development process is made up of 4 main parts: Prototyping (currently well underway in Australia) Testing (build and install several units in India for winter season testing) Production (design and establish mass production process in...

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