The Eco Rocket Stove range of space heaters were recently approved by Gold Standard (after an extensive and rigorous assessment process) of abating between 3.3 tons of CO2 (or equivalent) tCO2e per unit per year for ten years. That means for every stove we get into the field, about 30 tons of CO2 will stay out of the atmosphere over the coming 10 years, even if we allow for 10% drop in usage over that time. Over the last 5 years we have managed to get 5000 units into the field across the Himalayas, from North to NE India, with units also making their way into Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. Those 5000 units will contribute 150,000 tons of CO2 savings.

This year we have partnered with South Pole to double this number through an innovative project whereby they will fund the production of 5000 units and cover the cost through traded Carbon sales. This allows us to effective halve the cost of our lowest cost unit, the EcoMini Rocket Stove which in turn means we can reach more people in lower economic categories with our clean combustion technology. This project is now well underway and sales have been very strong. We anticipate selling all 5000 of the Carbon subsidised stove heaters by March 2023, which will mean we have 10,000 units in the field being used.

The benefits of this are much more than just being able reduce carbon emissions. The stove heaters burn much cleaner than traditional stoves, using less fuel and offering more heat, more functionality and a better quality of life for the household’s users. The way these stoves reduce emissions is through reduction of fuel demand, which means less forest is cut down to feed the stoves. We are now working to further improve the benefits by facilitating waste biomass into the fuel supply chain. If we can achieve a wide-scale usage of waste biomass as a replacement for virgin forest timber, we can effectively double the benefits of using our stoves.

By using the funds raised through trading carbon, we plan to continue offering reduced pricing on our clean combustion space heaters which greatly accelerates the volume of units in usage, as well as allows for a much wider pool of homes to have access to this technology. All going well, we hope to again double our user base in the coming year ahead using this model.

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