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HRS Update Jan 2018

So… here we are in the middle of the Himalayan winter and it’s time for an update. After 4 months of intensive on the ground work last year (mid-June through to mid-October) Chetana and I came back to Australia quite exhausted, but feeling we had done everything we...

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HRS Update October 2017

Himalayan Rocket Stove Update October 2017 Wow... what an amazing challenge! Setting up a manufacturing business in India is one of the hardest things I've ever tried to do! I’ve been so busy haven’t managed to get out the usual monthly updates. Chetana and I have...

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HRS Update – Bhutan Visit June 2017

The Bhutan Update I realised after sending out the last update (HRS Update - July 2017) I completely forgot to mention our visit to Bhutan. Back in May a new good friend of ours, Kezang (from Bhutan) sent me a message asking if I was interested to come to Bhutan with...

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