Crowdfunding the Eco2 Heating Stove into Australia

Due to interest for our stoves in Australia, we are now offering a pre-purchase plan similar to a crowdfunding model – but without the 8% extra we would have to charge if we were using a crowdfunding platform.

What is a ‘Himalayan Rocket Stove’?

What started in 2014 as a hobby exploring high temperature clean combustion is now a company with an expanding range of heating and cooking products that are both clean burning and efficient. Inspired to act by the ongoing deforestation of the Himalayas, founder Russell Collins decided to adapt existing ‘rocket stove’ technology into a format that would appeal to a typical Himalayan householder.

Why the Himalayas?

Over the last 4 years, Russell and his team of colleagues have been relentlessly hunting down an elusive formula for clean and efficient biomass combustion. Initially this was targeted towards the Himalayan regions to facilitate a reduction in deforestation as well as harmful pollutants that are accelerating snow and glacial melt. We launched the Eco1 Heater Stove last Sept in India as a room heating stove you can also cook on from a floor seated position.

Why now Australia?

Having successfully demonstrated the Eco1 in the Himalayas, we started getting requests for our stoves in Australia and other parts of the world. Initially reluctant to bring the Eco1 to Australia, as it is designed for the Himalayan context, we now have the Eco2 and Eco3 Heater Stoves. We felt these are suitable for trial in Australia as low cost, high efficiency and clean burning combustion Heater Stoves.


100 Units

(20ft container)

All Systems Go!

In order to bring a shipment to Australia at the best rate we need to fill a 20ft shipping container, which is around 100 units.

  • Fill a 20ft Container 5% 5%

200 Units

(40ft container)

Unlock BONUS rewards!

If we get to 200+ units, we can fill a 40ft container and the shipping cost comes down again, meaning we can pass on savings in the form of bonus upgrades.

  • Fill a 40ft Container 0% 0%

So how does it work?

Choose a stove option and pay up front at greatly reduced pricing

With the funds raised we get certified in Australia and go into production in India

As soon as they are ready we ship them to Australia and deliver to you!

Certification Process:

The first thing we need to do is get our Heater-Stoves certified according to the ANZUS standards for combustion heaters in the home. This takes about 1 month and after which we will be able to legally sell the Eco2 in Australia.

If for any reason we fail the tests, we will know exactly what to fix and will do so and re-submit. Our emissions are very low, so its just a matter of meeting the build requirements in Australia.

Sample Stoves:

As a result of our testing processes, there will be a limited number of Sample Stoves we can offer to selected people for trialling in their homes.

These will be available to a limited number of early subscribers to the Eco2 Crowdfunding Offer. If you are interested in this, send us an email after purchasing an Eco2 here with your location details: admin@himalayanrocketstove.com

Production and Delivery:

Once testing is complete, we will go directly into production with a view to preparing stoves for shipping through the month of June. Then it’s a matter of shipping time from India to Melbourne, clearing customs and moving to a warehouse from where we can distribute fully certified Eco2 stoves sometime between July and September.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Eco2 Stove awesome ?

In a nutshell… this stove was designed to reduce deforestation in the Himalayas… but we ended up with something that is super cool (and very warm) requiring a lot less wood (which is good) but which also makes a LOT LESS smoke… which is super good! Outdoor air pollution is an increasingly concerning issue globally responsible for countless health deficits. This way you can have the warmth of fire without the smoke!

Why is the price different in Australia compared to India ?

There are various factors… of course the transportation costs are higher, but that’s not the only reason. We have also upgraded the stove in a number of key aspects to make it “export ready” and fully compliant with Australian standards, which has added to the cost of the original Indian model. It also comes with a glass panel in the door and the Eco2 Deluxe is powder coated with the best quality high temperature powder finish from Europe.

If I pay for it now, when can I expect to receive it ?

The stove has to complete it’s Australian compliance testing in May, then we make as many stoves as are ordered and pop them into a shipping container and send them over. Deliveries will be based out of Melbourne at this stage.

Can I customise the decorations ?

Yes! Once we have reached our minimum viable order number (100 units to fill a 20ft shipping container) then we will be offering various upgrade options, including unique one-off custom designed decorative elements. We have access to CNC water-jet cutting which means we can literally make any design you like!

Can I order the Eco2 Classic and upgrade later ?

Our design philosophy is modular, which means you can add various elements to any of our stoves if and when you feel to. The upgrades available are the Modular Add Ons and the Glass Fire Door which can be added at any stage. Modules currently in development are the Pellet Feeder and the Pizza Oven. More modules will come as we develop them. The one thing that can’t be added later is the Black Powder Coat finish as that is applied in the factory. 

Did someone say Pizza ???

Our very own custom build HRS Pizza Oven Module is one of the awesome upgrades on offer which can be quickly and simply added to the top of any of our stoves. Remove the top lid of the tall section, and replace it with the Pizza Oven Module. This sits directly over the rocket engine so you’ll be able to make Rocket Fired Pizza at home! Still in development, we are hoping to have this ready in time for shipping with the Eco2 Stoves or shortly afterwards.

Who gets to have a Sample Stove ?

The Sample Stoves are fully functional Eco2 Stoves made for the Indian market, and which form the basis of the export quality stove we are bringing into Australia. We need to bring some of these into Australia for the certification and testing process, so we are planning to offer a few of these to selected customers for regional assessment.

Since they are not certified for Australia yet, they can’t be sold here, but they can be used as test units for checking the suitability of these stoves in the Australian context. If you are selected to try one of these stoves, you will need to sign an indemnity regarding the use of these stoves. Once your fully compliant Eco2 arrives, we may ask for this sample stove back for assessment in our lab.

What happens to my money if you don’t raise enough to bring a full container ?

Everyone who buys a stove up front gets a stove! If we have enough stove sales, we will give you more than just an amazing stove!

We have various contingency plans, and all of them involve you getting the stove you paid for. The best case for us would be to fill a shipping container or more so as our shipping costs are optimised. If we don’t fill a container, we will negotiate with our shipping and logistics partner for a good rate on a partial container. In either case, we are definitely bringing stoves to Australia.

If we are able to achieve an optimal 40ft container full (200+ stoves) then we will unlock bonus options for our customers from the savings made on the shipping costs.

Crowdfunding Offer | Eco2 in Australia

Recommended Retail for Eco2 Deluxe will be $1190 (when released)

Add Ons and Bonus Offer

Stay Connected!

Join the frenzy and stay in loop, whether you’re buying one now or holding off to see what happens next, you can still be a part of the team bringing clean combustion to Australia.

Less Wood Wasted

Less Smoke to Choke on!

Rocket Fired Pizza!

Save Money

Burns less than 50% of most other combustion stoves

Reduce Smoke!

So clean your neighbours won’t know it’s even on

Do More

Pizza Oven is just the beginning… more Modules to come!

Support the Himalayas

Every stove we sell supports the Himalayas

Join the Clean Air Revolution!

By purchasing any Himalayan Rocket Stove, you are participating in a global movement to clean up our air.

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