Himalayan Rocket Stove Pvt Ltd is a Social Enterprise incorporated in India with a view towards bringing affordable high efficiency biomass combustion to the people of the Himalayas and beyond. We measure multiple bottom lines, including various measures of environmental and social impacts as well as financial viability.

These bottom line indicators (some of which are anecdotal at this stage) give us a way of measuring our impact across a broad spectrum which can be generalised in the following way:

Does what we do improve or harm the overall health of the eco-system upon which we are all dependant for ongoing life and sustainability?

Without going into the actual results here (I will reserve that for another post) I am confident to say that for the regions we are focussed on (cold climate areas of the developing world with limited budget options) the Eco1 Rocket Stove is successful at reducing fuel demand and polluting outputs at a cost that is accessible to a large enough percentage of the demographic as to be effective.

When we compare the cost of materials and energy embedded in the Eco1 Rocket Stove against the benefits in terms of fuel reduction (saving trees), CO2 abatement, reduction in women’s drudgery, reduction in Black Carbon and other toxic pollutants, I am confident that this design does indeed have a highly positive benefit-to-cost ratio.

There is still room to improve, however, and with that in mind I have decided to release these plans to the global community for assessment, replication and review with a view to inviting feedback and sharing of ideas that supports the ongoing development of ecological solutions that benefit the world.


As a framework for this, I would like to suggest the following…


1. Donations are always welcome. This will support the ongoing development of more designs.

PayPal link: https://www.paypal.me/rocketstove

2. If the stove is replicated in some way that resembles the original, please credit the design to Himalayan Rocket Stove (with a web link wherever appropriate): https://himalayanrocketstove.com

3. If there are any advancements to the design that improve functionality in anyway, please share the improvements back to us. This is a work in progress and we are happy to implement design improvements that benefit our users in the developing world.

4. The files to share include an approximation of the design of the Eco1 Rocket Stove on Sketchup as well as the DWG file we use in the CNC machines in India. If you accept that these will need checking on your local machinery before stamping them out then you should be able to come up with something that resembles what we are currently making in India.

5. If you are able to improve on the Sketchup file to make it more accurate, I would be grateful to receive a copy of this as well.

6. I would be happy if you share any progress you make, either directly to me personally (email below) or on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/himalayanrocketstove/

7. If you are in a position to help our Social Enterprise to scale up to meet the expanding global demand for high efficiency combustion products, I will be delighted to speak with you directly.  Email me: russell@himalayanrocketstove.com

Let me know how you go.
Regards, Russell

To get the download links for the DWG File and the Sketchup File, please complete the form below and include a bit of background about how you intend to use these files, and I will write back to you with the links.


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The Four Efficiencies of the Eco1 Rocket Stove

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