Features of the Himalayan Rocket Stove

Room Heating

The Himalayan Rocket Stove will heat a good sized room or small house in the Himalayas just as effectively as a traditional wood stove.

Cooking Stove

The Stove provides a good size cooking surface with various temperature options, from very hot to warm depending on location.

Water Heating

The stove will also have an optional water storage tank of 12.5 liters providing hot water on tap which can be moved to wherever the hot water is needed.

Phone Charging

The stove will also come with an optional phone charging and LED lighting kit that will convert heat into small amounts of usable power.

Hot Water Box

A separate stainless steel hot water box will sit on the front section of the stove for heating water with the excess heat from the fire in the batch box. This will hold around 12L and will be easily movable to any location where you might want to use hot water, such as the kitchen sink, or the bathroom for washing. The amount of energy stored is around 1kWh which is equivalent to running a one bar radiator at full power for an hour. You can move this around to use as an additional heat source, such as to the bedroom before going to bed, to take the chill off the room.

Phone Charging

In remote regions, the mobile phone is essential for families and communities to stay in touch with each other. Charging is challenging when power networks are unreliable.

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