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The famous ‘Eco Stove’ Range has Reduced Pricing
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Eco1 Stove

This is our small but powerful combustion heater for standard sized living rooms, low enough to cook on from a low seated position.

Eco2 Stove

The mid-sized unit at 27″ high, this is ideal for larger living rooms and where floor seated cooking is not necessary.

Eco3 Stove

The largest combustion heater in our range, this unit is ideal for guesthouses and large living rooms where the maximum heat is required.

The June Special Offer

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The Eco Stove Range is designed to save you money on wood by slashing your fuel consumption in half, saving you 50% of your yearly expenditure on heating.

It also saves the environment by reducing the amount of toxic smoke being produced.

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WION TV Feature News Story

Shot recently at one of our test locations in the Himalayas, this news story about our famous Himalayan Rocket Stove technology was featured on National Television for World Environment Day, due to the wood saving and pollution reducing qualities of our heating and cooking stoves.

The Himalayan Rocket Stove Story

Himalayan Rocket Stove is a Social Enterprise company that measures a triple bottom line of social, environmental and financial benefits through the reduction of deforestation and pollution via sales of clean burning, high efficiency combustion technology. The applications currently include

a range of room heaters and cookers, with various other designs in development such as high temperature waste incineration. The design philosophy is modular, allowing for extended longevity and increased functionality by being able to add features such as hot water units, pellet feeders and even a pizza oven attachment.

The Eco1 combustion heater is currently in use throughout north India, with users reporting an average 50% fuel savings and a massive reduction in pollution outputs. Queries are now coming in from around the world for these units as well as the newly released larger Eco2 and Eco3 combustion heaters.

All Online Orders in June receive Decorative Strips for FREE!

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