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  • Pickup in Baddi & Manali will be available mid September (from our depot)

  • Delivery to Leh, Ladakh will be available by late September (from our depot)

  • Make an Order Here to get your stove at the Intro Price from the first batch

  • Make an Enquiry to go onto the priority wait list

  • Orders paid online will be available first – pickup as listed above

  • If you want to Order and Pay online, but are in a different location of India, please contact first to verify if delivery is possible to your region

The Eco1 Stove is a marvel of technology and engineering, saving both Economy and Ecology!

By halving your fuel cost this stove soon pays for itself. Not only that, it comes with a FULL 12 MONTH Warranty covering ALL the parts. If anything fails in the first year, we will replace that part at our cost.

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