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Each Himalayan Rocket Stove Saves

  • 1 Mature Himalayan Tree

  • 100 Back Breaking Loads of Wood

  • 3500kg of CO2 Emissions From Being Released into the Atmosphere

Crowdfunding Perks Explained

We are offering several options for supporting this project. All funds will go towards making and distributing stoves.

1. Everyone ($10 and up) who supports us goes onto the email list and will be kept up to date with progress. You can leave this list at anytime.

2. Everyone from $45 and up will also receive a personalised hand drawn certificate of appreciation from the kids of Serkong School in Tabo.

3. Everyone from $90 and up will also receive an email with links and information to try your own rocket stove projects. Great for kids and also adults with an interest in this amazing technology. There will be various projects for different levels of expertise.

4. At $280 – you will be subsidising the production and sale of a stove to a low income family. This will be assessed by locals who know and understand the subtle politics within each region. The reason we don’t give units away to families is due to the well understood phenomenon that something for free is not valued, and would devalue the whole project in the eyes of recipients. Personalised photo with your recipient family will be sent to you via email.

5. At $360 – we can afford to give a complete stove to an institution in need (schools and nunneries in particular are needy, as well as some poorly funded monasteries). By giving to these institutions, we don’t devalue the project in the community, as it is well accepted to give gifts and charity to these institutions. Personalised photo with your recipient class / nuns / monks will be sent to you via email.

6. At $1080 – we know that many of you have had your own experiences and made connections in the Himalayas, and this is a way to give directly to the places / people you have that connection with. We can afford to deliver 3 units with a personal message from you for this amount, and take a personalised photo with your recipients to be sent back to you via email. If you don’t have a particular destination in mind, and still want to use this perk, we will choose a suitable needy destination for you, and still send you the personalised photo showing you where your stoves ended up.

7. At $5000 – for those who want to come and see the stoves in action in the field. Out of these funds 50% will go directly to the Himalayan Rocket Stove project, and the rest will go towards funding your expenses-paid journey to the Himalayas with Yak Trak – unique journeys (owned and operated by Russell Collins). You will need to cover your flights to India, your travel insurance, visa and other travel details, while your journey in India will be fully funded from Delhi airport onwards in comfort and style.

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