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Request a Smokeless Chulha Workshop for your region

The Smokeless Cookstove Revolution is available to run Smokeless Chulha Workshops in your region on a sliding scale fee basis.

We operate in a not-for-profit capacity, but we need to cover the costs of organising and running the workshops, so there is a fee involved. In some cases we can subsidise the fee according to the situation. After you make contact below with the form, we will get in touch with a detailed information package.


  • The workshop runs for at least 2 days, however our trainers will need to arrive 1-2 days in advance to set up the site and prepare the materials. The trainers (minimum 2 at at time) will need to be hosted with accommodation and meals, or we will need to charge an additional fee to cover this.
  • The location should included a mix of outdoor space and indoor or shade covered areas for rest, shelter and information sharing.
  • Usually we suggest the group size to be around 25 people at a time, but if your group is larger then let us know, as there are several options regarding managing this.
  • The materials for the workshop will need to be sourced by the host in advance of the trainer’s arrival. We will give you a full list in the detailed information package.

Request a Workshop

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