One ordinary evening, I chat with Nitisha over hummus, pita and a couple of mojitos. She is in Goa for a few weeks to work on a new project. She is explaining to me her transition from the corporate sector to pursue her dreams away from the territory she is used to. As our glasses empty and another round of freshly baked pita is called for, she tells me about another project she is helping with, where they are trying to make smokeless chulhas (stoves) popular across the Himalayan belt. She is soon leaving for Dharwad, to put in place a workshop for the same cause.

I am keen to go with her. My apprehension towards volunteering is put to rest by a myriad of thoughts and causes I have always wanted to help with, but haven’t seen through, saving dolphins, taking care of strays, being more involved with ethical fashion than I am… It’s a long list. I tell myself that this is the year of change and with the words ‘Start somewhere’ beckoning me, I make my decision to go on a three hour road trip away from Goa, for three days without knowing what to expect. Armed purely with the intention of giving it my best skills and frame of mind.

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Post by Rhea Gupte – FUSS Images

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