The Smokeless Cookstove Foundation

The Not-For-profit Social Outreach Arm of the Himalayan Rocket Stove company.

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As part of the larger picture of operating a company as a social enterprise, we believe that it is no longer acceptable to only focus on the financial profitability of the corporate entity. One must also develop avenues of operation that include the overall welfare of the social and environmental landscapes in which we function.

No entity is an island unto itself, and we all depend on each other for our overall well-being. With this view in mind, we dedicate ourselves to these various projects as part of the Multiple Bottom Line that makes Himalayan Rocket Stove P/L a profitable social enterprise.

Smokeless Cookstove Revolution

As a result of testing and prototyping the Himalayan Rocket Stove in Ladakh, we discovered an easy, cheap and effective way for anyone to make their own smokeless cookstoves (chulhas) in a format that suits their own home. This project encompasses the various ways we are addressing the issue of Household Air Pollution. Read more…


HRS Donation Scheme

As part of expanding our reach into the Himalayas and educating people about the efficacy of the Himalayan Rocket Stove, we dedicate a number of stoves from each production batch for donation to needy institutions, such as schools, nunneries, monasteries, old people’s homes and low income families.

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