Smokeless Cookstove Revolution Kits

Early version of the SCR Kit

In order to help scale the amazing work being done by the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation (SCF) out to more regions, Himalayan Rocket Stove (HRS) is currently working together with the Foundation to make and distribute Smokeless Cookstove Revolution Kits. These are moulds made by HRS at the factory, boxed up with instructions and distributed via the channels opened up by the Foundation team.

Clay Donuts made with the SCR Kit

Read more about the SCF Kits Here:ย https://chuffed.org/project/smokeless-cookstove-revolution#/story

We have an offer at the moment to get as many of these sold before Christmas, with a certificate being sent to our donors in the name of your choice. This makes for a wonderful ethical gift with 100% of the funds going directly towards the impact work of SCF that has proven to be highly effective.

Looking down on a smokeless cookstove made with the SCR Kit

When you make a donation on the Chuffed page below, we allocate 100% of the funds to the Foundation’s work, and we will send you a certificate in any name of your choosing. Send us an email with the name you want on the certificate, and we will reply with a PDF file matching that name. This makes a wonderful Christmas gift for someone who will be happy to know they are supporting an ethical social and environmental cause.ย 

Read more about the SCF Kits Here:ย 


Woman using a Smokeless Cookstove made with the SCF Kit

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