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The Smokeless Cookstove Revolution

Offering Solutions to Household Air Pollution


Smokeless Cook Stoves

As a result of testing and prototyping the Himalayan Rocket Stove in Ladakh, we discovered an easy, cheap and effective way for anyone to make their own smokeless cookstoves (chulhas) in a format that suits their own home.


Not For Profit Project

As a parallel side project to the Himalayan Rocket Stove we are now operating this not-for-profit project in order to train people in how to make their very own smokeless chulha in whatever configuration works for them.

The Problem…

Cookfire Smoke Kills...

According to World Health Organization estimates, there are more than 3 Billion people globally still using rudimentary cooking stoves where the smoke is released into the house, with approximately 800 million people impacted by exposure to HAP (Household Air Pollution).

Health Risks

“Regular exposure to smoke from cooking and heating fires is directly linked to severe health impacts, with an estimated eight people per minute (some 4.3 million per year) dying globally from it, accounting for more deaths each year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.”

Due to their long exposures every day at the home’s hearth, women and young children are particularly at risk!

Alternatives are Available

“Governments and humanitarian organizations have urged people to trade their traditional stoves for safer models, many of which have chimneys that funnel smoke out of a home. But the switch from dangerous stoves has been slow to come, even though most people using them know they’re harmful.”

But They Need to Suit the Context!

“Their most recent findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, boil down to this:

Clean and modern cookstoves don’t have features people want. And until they’re redesigned, people are unlikely to bother with them.”

The Himalayan Rocket Stove Foundation is committed to the…

Smokeless Cookstove Revolution

Let’s Clear The Smoke!

Duhaan Hatao, Zindagi Bachao!

(“Remove Smoke, Save Lives!”)

Our solution is to teach people how to make their own smokeless stoves in a way that will suit their situation for absolutely minimal cost. In many cases the only cost is the time it takes to dig the clay, mix the ingredients and make the chulha.

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Every Dollar Raised Goes Directly to Funding Workshops in Rural Regions of India

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