In most parts of the developing world, the lowly cookstove is at the core of an ecological and health crisis. The culprit? Smoky, polluting fires used for cooking and heating by billions of families.


Traditional CookStoves

Traditional open fires and inefficient cookstoves are very harmful. They emit a thick black smokescreen laden with particles that cause respiratory diseases, lung cancer, and other fatal complications. The toxic fumes are a nightmare for women and children, who are usually the ones inhaling such smoke all day while they prepare meals.


Nevertheless, aside from these severe health impacts, these smoky fires also lead to climate change as well as massive environmental degradation. When smoke drifts into the atmosphere it releases carbon dioxide among other greenhouse gases along with black carbon. Fuel-starved families increasingly deforest forests and wood sources.


However it’s a truly global problem – except there is something revolutionary which is going on about this. Altruistic organizations across the globe are leading in pilot launching “smokeless cookstoves” designed for clean cooking efficiently that is environmentally friendly too.


Himalayan Rocket Stoves

Himalayan Rocket Stove stands at the forefront of this revolution towards smokeless stove. A US-based non-profit organization that has been operational in Nepal since 2012 manufacture, distribute, and teach people how to use these transformative stoves. 


The simplicity of their design is amazing – an insulated chimney that redirects smoke and gases back through the second combustion chamber to release virtually no exhaust. 


And the impact? Less than a fifth of the fuel used by open fires, producing hardly any smoke. A cleaner and healthier way for families to prepare meals, as well as drastically reduced environmental and climate change effects.


Himalayan Rocket Stove does not only manufacture stoves but empowers, trains, and hires local artisans and entrepreneurs throughout Nepal to construct, advertise, vend out, deliver, install, service etc these stoves. It aims at investing in self-sufficiency and economic prospects for marginalized communities other than just advancing its own technology.


They have made over 60,000 smokeless wood stoves in homes across Nepal so far saving thousands of people from inhaling firewood smoke in their kitchens. Coughing all day long while swathed in a thick cloud of poisonous fumes will be a thing of the past for womenfolk . No more uncontrolled deforestation feeding endless fires. A healthier way to cook while saving the environment.


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Bottom Line – The Smokeless stove revolution 

Smokeless stove revolution is spreading through Asia , Africa and Central America . This potential has been recognized by non-governmental organizations; governments; companies and businesses to elevate lives and communities whereas fighting against climate change and biological destruction.

From the good countries of Nepal to towns across the globe, the humble but powerful cookstove is lighting the way to a cleaner, beneficial, and more economical future. Join The Smokeless Cookstove Revolution Today!

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