Himalayan Rocket Stove Project Videos

Donating an Eco1 to the nuns at Tso Pema

Eco3 Stove Test Burn with Hot Water Hamam

Smoke Pollution in the Himalayas… Not with the Eco1!

Lighting Process with the Eco1 Stove

High Altitude Burn Test at 5500m

Temperature Test on the Eco1 Test Unit

Slow Motion Peek Down the Burn Tube of the Eco1 Stove

Short Interview with IndiaSpend

Early Promo Video with Benefits Explained

Russell at TEDx IIM Ranchi 2017

The Smokeless Cookstove Revolution Explained Briefly

User Review of the Eco1 Test Unit in Setan Village at 2700m (Hindi)

Preview of the Test Unit coming out of the factory

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