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Head Office (mail only):
#181-182 Sector 8C, Chandigarh, 160009
+91 98054 32176 – Russell (English Only)

HP Warehouse Sales
+91 88949 24343 – Abhishek (Hindi / English)

HP Sales and Support:
Manali: +91 98165  10026 – Tenzin (Hindi / Bhoti / English)

Ladakh Sales and Support
+91 94192 18358 – Chozang (Hindi / Ladakhi / English)

Email: admin@himalayanrocketstove.com

HRS Update OCT 2020

HRS Update OCT 2020

I was just looking to see when I last wrote an update, and was surprised to see it was back in June. Wow… that went fast! So here’s a quick snapshot update on progress in India since then. The Virus Firstly… COVID-19 hasn’t exactly gone away, but life in India is...

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HRS Update June 2020

HRS Update June 2020

If the last update in March was the "Pre-Covid" edition, this one could be the "Mid-Covid" edition. I say 'could', with a mixture of trepidation and optimism. The number of cases in India are going up fast now, and health care systems are highly strained. If things...

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HRS Update NOV 2019

HRS Update NOV 2019

Himalayan Rocket Stove Update – NOV 2019 It’s been a while, so there is a lot of ground to cover and I’ll stick to the highlights, as there are plenty of those. Since moving to Parwanoo earlier in the year, we have focussed on getting our production systems in place...

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