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India Wide Sales Team
Parwanoo: +91 98051 26096 – Neetan (Hindi / English)
98052 46096 – Sahil (Hindi / English)

HP Warehouse Team
+91 88949 24343 – Abhishek (Hindi / English)

Service and Tech Support:
Parwanoo: +91 89882 92246 – Sahil (Hindi / English)

Ladakh Sales and Support
+91 94192 18358 – Chozang (Hindi / Ladakhi / English)

Email: sales@himalayanrocketstove.com

Clean Biomass Combustion

Clean Biomass Combustion

The transition from traditional fire-based cooking to cleaner, more high-tech solutions is essential for improving global health and environmental conditions. Clean biomass combustion is key to making this happen. Biomass is any organic material derived from plant or...

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HRS Update JAN 2021

HRS Update JAN 2021

Himalayan Rocket Stove Update – Dec 2020 Including Rocket Man Designs End of Year Wrap Up and a Peek Down the Road   “May you live in interesting times” is said to be an old Chinese curse.     As interesting as 2020 was, I suspect the coming years will also...

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HRS Update OCT 2020

HRS Update OCT 2020

I was just looking to see when I last wrote an update, and was surprised to see it was back in June. Wow… that went fast! So here’s a quick snapshot update on progress in India since then. The Virus Firstly… COVID-19 hasn’t exactly gone away, but life in India is...

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