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India Wide Sales Team
Parwanoo: +91 98051 26096 – Neetan (Hindi / English)
98052 46096 – Sahil (Hindi / English)

HP Warehouse Team
+91 88949 24343 – Abhishek (Hindi / English)

Service and Tech Support:
Parwanoo: +91 89882 92246 – Sahil (Hindi / English)

Ladakh Sales and Support
+91 94192 18358 – Chozang (Hindi / Ladakhi / English)

Email: sales@himalayanrocketstove.com

Carbon Trading for better Himalayan outcomes

Carbon Trading for better Himalayan outcomes

The Eco Rocket Stove range of space heaters were recently approved by Gold Standard (after an extensive and rigorous assessment process) of abating between 3.3 tons of CO2 (or equivalent) tCO2e per unit per year for ten years. That means for every stove we get into...

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