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Use Less Wood, Make Less Smoke & Experience the Heat!
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Fuel Savings


Smoke Pollution Reduction


Additional heat in room

The Himalayan Rocket Stove Project

Imagine if it were possible to make a small change in the way that wood is converted to heat energy so that 1 million trees could be saved from being cut over the next 10 years.

Imagine if all it took was a redesign of the humble wood combustion heater, so that with less than half the usual amount of wood you would have ample clean consistent heat in your home.

Imagine No More! We have developed clean burning, high efficiency wood combustion heaters in 3 models that suit any size home for heating and cooking.

A Social Enterprise Creating

Clean Burning High Efficiency

Wood Combustion Stoves

For Heating and Cooking

In the Himalayas and Beyond!

Himalayan Rocket Stove is committed to improving Heating and Cooking Solutions with a view to Reducing Deforestation, Pollution and Drudgery. As we develop our range of options, we aim to expand our reach to include low income communities wherever possible.

How does it work?

Rocket Stove design is based on a dual combustion process where wood gas and smoke is drawn into a secondary combustion chamber which burns the smoke and releases an abundance of additional heat.

View the video to see this happening in slow motion.

Sales - Indian Subcontinent

Distribution Warehouse Parwanoo
Neetan Verma
WhatsApp / Phone:
+91 98051 26096 / 98052 46096

Service Department

After-Sales Service and Support
Sahil Kaistha
+91 89882 92246

Branch Office - Ladakh

Leh Ladakh: Sales and Service
Chozang Namgial
+91 94192 18358

Global Enquiries

Head Office and Global Enquiries
Russell Collins

Contact for Further Info:

WhatsApp / Phone:
+91 98051 26096 / 98052 46096

It’s a Rocket Stove, not Rocket Science!

The Himalayan Rocket Stove Project has developed a highly efficient wood burning stove tailored to the Himalayan context and which is now in production and ready for distribution throughout northern India.

These stoves address three key issues facing the people and environment of the Himalayas, namely deforestation, women’s health and air pollution.

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Benefits of the Himalayan Rocket Stove

  • Reduced wood fuel load…
  • Saves 1 Mature Tree for every Stove in Use
  • Saves 100 Back Breaking Loads down the mountains
  • Saves 3500kg of CO2 from being released to the atmosphere


We’re working to make these stoves available to the 20 million homes & 100 million people of the Himalayas.

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