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The People Making Fire More Efficient


Founder & CEO
Russell has developed the Himalayan Rocket Stove project as a result of many years traveling in the Himalayas noticing deforestation and various climate related changes. He also came up with the formula for the Smokeless Cookstove which is being rolled out in a Not-For-Profit format by the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation. Based in Australia and working in India, he juggles his life and work between the two countries.


Brand Ambassador
Tanzin has been working with Russell since the very beginning and was involved in the early stage prototyping and development of the Himalayan Rocket Stove project that lead to the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation. As a result, he has first hand experiential knowledge of all aspects of both projects and is an indispensable part of the team, now focussing on sales in the Himachal region.


Sales Manager: J&K (Ladakh)
Chozang has been involved with the rocket stoves in Ladakh since he first built one at the SECMOL institute several years ago. Since then he has been keeping a close eye on the HRS project through its prototyping phase in Ladakh, and has now come on board as the Sales Manager for J&K, helping people in Ladakh and beyond get HRS stoves into their homes.

Chetana (Karen Wilson)

Co-Founder & Advisor 
Chetana has a long connection with India and the Himalayas. She’s been part of the rocket stove journey from the very beginning and has overseen the development of the project from the early days of prototyping in Australia. She brings her valuable experience of project management and funding to the core team and assists in keeping the ship stable and afloat.


​Marketing Manager and Human Resources  ​

Nitisha has studied Sustainable Development and Solutions from Columbia University​, Earth Institute​ and thirsts for working towards conservation and protecting the environment. Based in Mumbai, she also heads up the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation as it’s tireless director. She loves taking pictures and writing about her experiences to spread the team’s work.


Warehouse and Production Manager
Abhishek brings his engineering expertise to the critical role of overseeing production and quality control at the manufacturing facility in Baddi. Being from the mountains, he also understands intimately the importance of what we are doing and communicating that to our various collaborators.



Shop Manager Manali
Local to the Kullu Valley with deep ties to Lahual and the surrounding regions, Kuldeep has been a good friend and supporter of the HRS project from the early days. Now he brings his passion and skills to our sales team in HP.



Technical Support
 The most energetic person in the team. Young and vivacious.. Always cheerful, making others happy and working with enthusiasm for great outcomes for our customers.



Production Support
Aka ‘Mithu’ believes in ‘Never say Never’. He’s the ‘Yes-Man’ of our team, always ready to do whatever it takes for the task to be done. Professional or personal, he’s there for everyone.



Pikup Driver and Support
Vinod drives the stock and the support team to wherever they need to be. Vinod is our all-rounder guy, driver cum helping hand in everything. Plus he’s a great comedian.


Production Support
Bittu is a silent and serious guy who gives great technical support to our production and quality team.


Production Support
Shahid is a technically sound guy who’s good to do almost every small detailed thing. He’s the ‘Fast and Furious’ of our team, always quick and efficient.


Shop Assistant Leh Ladakh
Dedicated and hard working is Namgial, doing his best to ensure that everyone who comes to the store is served efficiently and well. 


Advisors & Mentors

Keeping us focussed on what matters

Ajay Muttreja

Strategy Advisor and Mentor

National Startup Committee, FICCI
IvyCap Ventures Capital Advisors
Global Advisory Council, TTC
Confederation of Education Excellence
Indo-US Science & Technology Forum
Advisory Board INVENT

Michael Collins

Technical Advisor
Based in Australia with his partner and 3 boys, Michael brings his expertise in geekdom to the HRS team with an intricate understanding of how stuff works, and how to fix stuff that no longer works. He’s currently working on the Phone Charging Module for the Eco Rocket Stoves.

Solving Problems

Working on solving issues around deforestation, pollution, indoor smoke, heating fuel costs, black carbon and more.

Innovative Ideas

Bringing together innovative ideas with the problems that need solving is the core of what we do. Not all ideas are new, but often just need to be applied to the right situation.

Appropriate Technology

High tech is good for some situations, but often a low tech solution is best when it comes to scaling up innovation to meet massive demand.

Clear Communication

Stay up to date with us via the blog page and our social media channels. We aim to keep a clear line of communication between all stakeholders and interested parties.

Recent Blog Posts

Stay up to date with our projects, ideas and random thoughts!

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HRS Update JAN 2021

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