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The Eco Stove Range

Stoves for heating and cooking

The Eco1 Stove is designed to meet the needs of a typical Himalayan family

The Eco2 Stove is designed for larger family rooms 

The Eco3 Stove is designed for larger spaces such as guesthouse dining rooms

The Eco range of Stoves are both Ecological and Economical.

We have refined something known as “rocket stove” technology to suit the context of the Himalayas. This technology burns the wood and the smoke at high temperatures which releases More Heat with Less Fuel. After 10 minutes of combustion the stove gets up to temperature and a hot vortex flame starts burning the smoke, which means virtually NO SMOKE out of the chimney pipe!

The Eco1 Stove is being released in a modular format that means you can buy the basic heating and cooking stove now, and add the Hot Water Module, Pizza Oven Module, Pellet Feeder Module and the Phone Charging Module when they become available. These modules will add onto the base stove as it is.

Current Availability

  • Pickup in Baddi, Manali and Leh is now available

  • Pickup in Rekong Peo (Kinnaur Valley) is now available

  • Delivery to other parts of India is possible, depending on delivery options and costs (please contact first for verification)

  • Online Orders will be followed by a call from our Sales team to work out the best way for you to get your stove.

Stove Options Available Now – Himalayan Rocket Stoves

  1. Eco1 Stove
  2. Eco2 Stove
  3. Eco3 Stove
  4. Decoration Strips
  5. Glass Fire Door
  6. Hot Water Hamam in 3 sizes
  7. Chillet Burner (for large pellets)

Coming Soon – Modular Add-ons

  1. Pellet Feeder for using Biomass Pellets
  2. Oven box for cooking bread and other oven based recipes

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