Hello Friends!

Here’s a quick catch-up from Himalayan Rocket Stove (HRS). So much has happened, and I’m excited to share the highlights with you!

India Trip: I returned to India after four years, reconnecting with our fantastic team, now 20 strong. We’ve been busy with field trips to Spiti and Ladakh, strengthening our network and visiting customers, including our largest one with over 100 units. A special moment was gifting an Eco2 Rocket Stove to an old friend, Sonam Norbu, in his new home.

New Designs: Inspiration struck on the road back from Spiti, leading to the quick prototype of our new, cost-effective EcoThap stove. It’s designed for efficiency and affordability. Our product line continues to expand with several models like EcoThap Jr, EcoMax, and Camp Cooker, each in various stages of development. We’re aiming to launch these by September 2024, diversifying our offerings in heating and cooking solutions.

Expanding to New Markets: We’re exploring exciting partnerships in Europe, aiming to introduce high-end pellet heaters in India and potentially exporting our technology. Our target markets include cold climate regions in Europe and Asia, where our solutions can make a significant difference.

Domestic Market Expansion: Our reach in India is growing, especially in remote and high-altitude regions like Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. These expansions, however, come with challenges, like reaching out to remote dealers and managing stock.

Financial Challenges: Despite a warm winter impacting sales, we’re optimistic. We’re exploring various financial options to sustain and grow, with a current stock value of 45 Million INR.

Marketing and Carbon Trading: Our marketing efforts have ramped up with professional help, enhancing our social media presence. We’re also close to finalizing carbon credit accreditation with Gold Standard, promising a significant financial return and commitment to product affordability.

ESOP and Future Plans: Our ESOP scheme is evolving, rewarding our dedicated team. Looking ahead, we envision HRS as a global leader in clean combustion solutions by 2030, part of a sustainable, biomass-fueled future.

Stay Connected: We’re always open to questions and deeper conversations. Feel free to reach out if you want to know more about any aspect of our journey.

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